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Incredibly simple. Deceptively Powerful. Bead redefines mobile calculation.

join the bead Multitasking beta here

The latest release of Bead (v1.1) is currently available as a public beta via Apple's TestFlight app and we believe it fully demonstrates the potential iOS multitasking and keyboard input offers. If you are interested in helping us to beta test Bead,  sign up for our beta here. 

work how you want

Bead is a new general purpose calculator that works exactly how you want it to. No cryptic hidden formulae. Use it exactly as you would a desktop calculator yet find your work is input into tables as you go.

Free of charge

Bead will be available from the Apple AppStore free of charge as a fully functioning richly featured app. We have not crippled Bead so it does not work for the average user unless you pay money. We will point out new available features to you once only. We don't believe in nagging our customers. Period. 


Bead comes with a full range of functions built in, including range and statistical functions, conversions and constants. Bead's currency conversion functions can be set to update in realtime or fixed at the point of entry.  


Bead has been built to require the minimum number of key presses. Made a mistake? No problem, edit anything at any time simply and directly. Unlike mobile spreadsheet applications you don't have to learn user unfriendly selection procedures to edit table Bead cells.


Bead supports sharing with your friends or work colleagues from the moment of installation. You can share a project that both your and others can update, or you can share a copy of your project. It's up to you.

Premium features

Beyond a rich core calculation tool, we offer some additional premium features via in-app purchase.  

  • Export to Excel
  • User Defined Functions
  • Linked table results (coming soon)
  • Charts (summer 2015)