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Usage Tips


Basic Calculation

Use bead like you would a standard calculator. Press exactly the same keys. The one difference is that with Bead there is no need to press the equals key before you can see the result. Press the return key to start a new line. If the calculation "pattern" (the sequence of operators you enter) is different from the first line you have entered, Bead will automatically create a new table.

If you have entered a calculation on multiple rows, you may find it useful to enter a constant value for one or more of the columns. To define a constant column value, select a cell containing the value you wish to use as a constant, and press the k button on the keyboard.


User Defined Functions are available as an in-app purchase. To create your own user defined function, go the the functions list, hit the + key on the top toolbar to create a new function category. Select the function category and then add a new calculation. The calculation is used as a template for the function. Each column you enter in the calculation will be represented as a parameter within the function unless:

  1. The cell contains a brace.
  2. You define the cell as a constant value.

Give the calculation a name, this will be the name it is listed under when you want to insert the function in one of your calculations. Give the calculation a system name. We recommend trying to keep this name short so it takes up as little space as possible.



On the iPhone version of the app, swipe left or right on the number keyboard to access additional scientific operators and functions.

On the iPad version of the app, pressing the "scientific" key switches to the scientific keyboard.


Double tap a cell on a multi-column/multi-row table to enable column/row selector buttons. Pressing one of these buttons provides a quick way to select a column. Alternatively when the cell selection buttons are showing, click another cell somewhere on the table to select all cells in a block between the first cell you have double tapped and a second cell somewhere else on the table.

When multiple cells are selected typing text or numbers will enter the text or numbers in every selected cell simultaneously.


With Bead you can enter text by clicking the text entry button. The text you enter in this way does not change the calculation and has no impact on the result.


If you want to change the calculation pattern, press the "insert column after" button or the "insert column before" button on the keyboard accessory toolbar. The keyboard will enter the "insert column mode" where the next key press will insert a column with the appropriate operator selected.


Tap the k key to convert a column to a constant value. The value contained in the current selected cell will be used in every cell in the column and the text for each cell in the column will turn purple.