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Bead Multi-Tasking iOS Beta Release

Paul Lancefield

We are pleased to announce a Beta release of Bead which now fully supports iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 multi-tasking.

If you are interested in beta testing this latest version of Bead, you can join our beta program here

When we first developed Bead, the focus was fully on ensuring our users receive a powerful and simple to use calculation tool that works well given the limited screen real-estate available on the  iPad and iPhone and this indeed remains perhaps the primary benefit Bead provides those who frequently need to do calculations on a mobile device.

Then we started using Bead with a keyboard and it became clear just how good feels to use in that configuration as well. Bead has been designed to work using standard calculator key presses and pure keyboard input feels natural and fast.

We're really excited about the potential this brings for users of Apple's new iPad Pro (and iPad Air 2) and with this release, which fully supports iOS/iPad multi-tasking, we believe Bead is a perfect example of the ideal multi-tasking app.       

Older version iPad users aren't left out either. This version of Bead fully supports use of the slide out app overlay bar accessible by swiping from the right hand edge of the iPad screen. 

Bead Apple Watch Companion App

Paul Lancefield

Radical Fraction are pleased to announce an Apple watch companion App to accompany the Bead calculator. I admit we partially made this companion app for fun, but expect there will be a subset of Bead users who will find it genuinely pretty useful. We've included two simple utilities in the app; Count and Stopwatch.

Count allows the user to tap the watch to count items

Stopwatch supports start, time-split and stop-time functions.

Both utilities dynamically update tables in the Bead app on your iPhone. By providing the data directly to Bead, the data can included as a dynamic term in an existing Bead calculation and the calculation will update as the user uses the app on the watch. 

In line with our Philosophy at Radical Fraction we have made the app available Free of charge and may, in the future, charge for an in app purchase if we think up think up a more sophisticated design and or functionality.

So take a look and if it's useful to you, you're welcome!

Paul Lancefield  

Bead Beta Goes Public

Paul Lancefield

We are pleased to announce Bead has been granted approval by Apple's AppStore team so anyone who is interested in using a pre-release beta version can do so. If you are interested in obtaining a beta version of Bead, let us know by signing-up here. We will add you to the beta program and you will receive an email, with a link to download Apple's TestFlight app. The TestFlight app provides and easy mechanism for you to install public beta software like Bead through the simple press of a button. It will also inform you when new iterations are published.

All in-app purchases for beta Apps managed by Test Flight are free of charge to install. You will still have to go through the "purchase" process (though the price will be shown as 0.00) since part of the point of the beta is to ensure all such mechanisms work properly. However please be aware you will not be charged if you do. 

Bead Enters Beta Testing with Apple's TestFlight

Paul Lancefield

We are a small team and it's been a hard journey. Finally Bead has made it into beta. Using Apple's new Test Flight service has really made the job of getting builds out to our beta testers easy. If you would like to join our Beta team and help us fortify Bead for commercial release, drop us a line using this form and tell us why you would like to join the team.

Over the course of the Beta we will be writing about some of our experiences developing Bead. This will be mainly from the technical standpoint, because, as you will probably have guessed, we are basically a bunch of Geeks with a passion for simplifying UI design and creating a great maths tool !