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Bead Beta Goes Public

Paul Lancefield

We are pleased to announce Bead has been granted approval by Apple's AppStore team so anyone who is interested in using a pre-release beta version can do so. If you are interested in obtaining a beta version of Bead, let us know by signing-up here. We will add you to the beta program and you will receive an email, with a link to download Apple's TestFlight app. The TestFlight app provides and easy mechanism for you to install public beta software like Bead through the simple press of a button. It will also inform you when new iterations are published.

All in-app purchases for beta Apps managed by Test Flight are free of charge to install. You will still have to go through the "purchase" process (though the price will be shown as 0.00) since part of the point of the beta is to ensure all such mechanisms work properly. However please be aware you will not be charged if you do.