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Bead Apple Watch Companion App

Paul Lancefield

Radical Fraction are pleased to announce an Apple watch companion App to accompany the Bead calculator. I admit we partially made this companion app for fun, but expect there will be a subset of Bead users who will find it genuinely pretty useful. We've included two simple utilities in the app; Count and Stopwatch.

Count allows the user to tap the watch to count items

Stopwatch supports start, time-split and stop-time functions.

Both utilities dynamically update tables in the Bead app on your iPhone. By providing the data directly to Bead, the data can included as a dynamic term in an existing Bead calculation and the calculation will update as the user uses the app on the watch. 

In line with our Philosophy at Radical Fraction we have made the app available Free of charge and may, in the future, charge for an in app purchase if we think up think up a more sophisticated design and or functionality.

So take a look and if it's useful to you, you're welcome!

Paul Lancefield